Sunday, August 10, 2014

Menu Monday, August 11

We have just two weeks before we start school and I have a list of things to do a mile long. 

This week, one of my goals to to preserve more of our kale crop which has been especially good this year.  I have been dehydrating and making kale powder (dried and then powdered in my food processor) to sprinkle in eggs, soups, sauces, etc., and plan to do a little more.  I'm also going to freeze some for vegetable and bean soups that we love so much during the fall and winter.  Just blanch washed leaves for about 2 minutes, remove and place leaves in cold water, drain well, chop, and place in marked freezer containers. 


Simple summer succotash; salad with basil-dijon vinaigrette
Bacon, kale, & zucchini omelets; blueberry muffins
No-Noodle Sausage & Sour Cream Bake; sautéed carrot/kale/zucchini medley; salad
Chicken Parmesan* with pasta; Caesar salad
Family potluck (bringing pasta salad*)
*Recipe coming

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