Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pomona's Universal Pectin & Turbinado

Okay.  The results are in.  And we have a WINNER!

I mentioned last week when I made strawberry jam using Pomona Pectin with turbinado that using that particular sweetener was not recommended by Pomona.  Because the crystals in turbinado are large, the pectin could not be completely disbursed throughout the sweetener.  That could cause pectin globules to be throughout your jam...a very undesirable outcome to say the least.

Well, today I made some raspberry jam using turbinado and it turned out perfectly.  I love turbinado because it just tastes sweet, very much like white sugar, but with all the good minerals still in it.  So, to use my turbinado, I placed it in my blender and processed it just until it became powdered.

So there you have it.  Go ahead and use your turbinado and your Pomona Pectin...just add the step of powdering your turbinado first.

One other tip:  Use the minimum amount of sweetener called for in the directions along with the recommended amount of pectin.  Following the directions, after you have stirred the sweetener/pectin mixture well into your boiling fruit (2 minutes), *carefully!* taste your jam.   As the fruit/pectin/sweetener mixture returns to a boil, you have time to add more sweetener to reach the taste you wish to achieve.  This way, your jam is never too tart or too sweet! 

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  1. Thanks so much Lynette for experimenting with this and letting us all know that it works. We at Pomona's appreciate your efforts to engage people in making low-sweetener, healthy jam the Pomona's way.