Monday, July 9, 2012

Menu Monday, July 9

Yep.  Summer has hit the Pacific Northwest.  Been doing my best to get in my Vitamin D.  I think this past week I've gotten the same amount I'd gotten the whole year so far.  It's good.

B: Oatmeal with peaches
L: Grilled cheese on sourdough; raw veggies & dip
D: Shredded beef soft tacos; Spanish rice; garden salad with ranch dressing; mock frozen yogurt

B: Fried eggs; toast; applesauce
L: Leftovers
D: Pork chops; savory quinoa; steamed carrots & broccoli; special salad; raspberry fool

B: Cinnamon French toast with melon

L: BLT's on toasted sourdough; raw veggies & dip
D: Salmon quiche; spicy oven roasted potato wedges; coleslaw; watermelon

B: Oatmeal with dried cranberries
L: Leftovers 
D: Cheeseburger macaroni; green beans; fruit salad

B: Baked soaked oatmeal; leftover fruit salad
L: Leftovers
D: Grilled fresh fish; garlic mashed potatoesCaesar salad; honeydew & cantaloupe chunks drizzled with strawberry syrup

B: Waffles with maple or homemade raspberry syrup; bacon
L: Potluck picnic at the lake with friends
D: Hamburger patties; bacon ranch pasta salad; carrot sticks; apple-blueberry crisp

B: Pancakes with raspberry-applesauce & maple syrup

D: Grilled shrimp; zucchini risotto; Caesar salad; plain yogurt with honey & fruit

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