Friday, April 6, 2012

Homeschool Curriculm Ideas - Science & History

Science and history were both subjects that I was questioning why I was teaching from two different books.  So off I went on my search.

As far as science goes, I have used books from A Beka and have really enjoyed them.  This past year, we used Reilly's 5th grade book for both her and Dane, who is in 2nd grade.  We read through the chapter and then I had Dane tell me what he learned in the chapter.  We used the questions at the end of the segment and sometimes did a page for our notebooks.  It worked out okay, but I was feeling the itch to try something different.

While researching for science, I found a lot of great books.  The one curriculum that stood out was by Apologia.  Science is one of those subjects that is  important to us that it is taught from a biblical perspective and it fit that bill.  Check.  Their science curriculum is also designed to be taught to multiple grades.  Check.  The reviews were great and that means a lot to me.  Check.  (I'll let you know what I thought myself at the end of the year!)

For History, I have used books from Christian Liberty Press.  They are great books written in an engaging manner.  My daughter loved them.  But again, I wanted something that didn't require a lot of effort on my part to be able to teach to both of my pupils. 

For the coming year, I selected "The Mystery of History I".  Again, this course can be taught to a varied age group.  I love history and the idea of weaving Bible history into world history really gets me excited!  I've not yet seen a curriculum that melds bible history with world history until now.  Again, the reviews are really good and I can't wait to give you mine at the end of the year.

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