Thursday, April 5, 2012

Homeschool Curriculum Ideas - Bible

I grew up going to Christian schools and have very fond memories of learning Bible stories.  It was engaging and memorable.  But one thing we didn't do very much was actually use our Bibles for our study.

When I first started homeschooling, I used a full "boxed" curriculum...and was very happy with it except for one thing.  I wasn't really crazy in love with their Bible texts.  Although in later years I found that this curriculum did use a Bible in the study, I personally found it to be a bit *ahem* ... dry.  In addition, Bible is one of those subjects that I question why it can't be taught as a group?  Well it can, but I'm not creative enough to design my own Bible curriculum!  (Whine!)

In my research I found Foundations Press.  Some highlights: 
  • This curriculum studies the Bible, using the Bible. 
  • It is designed for students of all ages and can easily be taught in a group setting. 
  • A memory verse is included each week with suggestions how to teach memorization
  • Your children learn through drawing, writing, reading, and discussing.  I love the idea of the "speed drills" where you call out a scripture passage and the kids race to see who can find it in their bible first.
  • There are three books available, using one book each year.  After finishing book 3, you can start over with book number 1. 
  • Supplemental worksheets are available through Calvary Curriculum.  These worksheets are FREE and you have several choices each week that can enhance learning for varying ages.
  • The Price is Right!  Only $14.95 for the e-book version ($19.95 for a printed one), you can't beat that.  Also, sign up to receive their newsletter/blog by email and you get a 25% discount on your order.  That made my e-book just a hair over 11 bucks. 
Foundations Press also has a Physical Education curriculum just in case you are needing that.  P.E. is normally something that is lacking in a homeschooler's day so this might be a resource you find valuable.  I have to say, my kids normally get plenty of exercise, running through the house being chased by me with a wooden spoon.  (Okay...not really.) 

Anywho, I am super excited to teach Bible this year not only for my two kiddos, but for me as well.  And that is something that I love about homeschooling...I get to learn right alongside my kids.


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