Monday, March 18, 2013

Menu Monday, March 18

Spring begins this week!  And, this week my daughter begins cooking once a week.  I am sooooo excited!

B: Oatmeal with blueberries & almonds
D: Omelets; spinach salad; rice pilaf; fruit


B: Eggs; bacon; toast; 
yogurt & fruit
D: Mexican beef & potato melt; corn; green salad

B: Cinnamon bread french toast with maple syrup; bacon; fruit  
D: 1st Course: Spinach salad
     Main Course: Fried chicken; mashed potatoes & gravy; green beans
     Dessert: Baked apples

B: Scrambled eggs; toast; bananas with yogurt   
D: Hamburger patties; BLT salad; roasted turnips
To do: Soak beans   
B: Oatmeal with cranberries & walnuts
D: 1st Course:  Caesar salad
     Main Course: Fresh fish; mushroom risotto; best-ever broccoli
     Dessert: White chocolate creme brulee

To do: Sour dough for biscuits; marinate top round steak  
B: Scrambled eggs; hash browns; fruit
D: Crockpot potato bean soup; sourdough-cheddar biscuits (from Gnowfglins); green salad 

B: Sprouted whole wheat waffles with maple syrup; sausage 
D: 1st Course: Pear & walnut spinach salad
     Main Course: Grilled marinated London broil; herb roasted new potatoes; cauliflower
     Dessert: Vanilla ice cream
& chocolate sauce

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