Monday, March 4, 2013

Menu Monday, March 4

Passover Seder
Our family has always been interested in celebrating the Passover with our own Seder.  Although we are not Jewish, Jesus was!  If you have any input, would love to hear your suggestions!

To do: Sour batter for muffins

B: Oatmeal with home-canned peaches & yogurt 
D: Spaghetti; green salad; sprouted wheat garlic bread; mock frozen yogurt

B: Eggs, bacon; sourdough pumpkin muffins
(from Gnowfglins); pears
D: Smoked salmon omelets; Caesar salad; whole wheat sourdough olive bread; zesty orange salad
B: Cinnamon bread french toast with bananas & maple syrup; sausage  
D: 1st Course:  Beet tartare
     Main Course:
Hamburger patties; cauliflower gratin; cubed roast potatoes with green peppers & sun-dried tomatoes
Pears with Bing cherry compote  

B: Scrambled eggs; toast; bananas with yogurt  
D: Chicken & spinach filled sourdough crepes (from Gnowfglins); brown rice; steamed broccoli; home-canned peaches

To do: Make dessert  
B: Sprouted whole wheat pancakes with maple syrup; bacon; orange slices  
D: 1st Course: Leek puree
     Main Course: Fresh fish; whole wheat pasta with creamed spinach
Homemade blueberry gelato  

B: Scrambled eggs with sausage; hash browns; fruit
Bean soup with kale; sourdough biscuits (from Gnowfglins); green salad

B: Sourdough waffles with blueberry compote & maple syrup; eggs  
D: 1st Course: Green salad with blue cheese, pears, toasted walnuts & red onion
     Main Course: Meatloaf; mashed potatoes & gravy; peas & carrots

     Dessert: Apple crisp


  1. Lynette,

    Our family has celebrated Passover almost every year. It can be a long, drawn out feast with lots of prayers and recitations or it can be shorter. Either way, I am always surprised at how much our children love it and beg for it.

    There is a Haggadah book that is available that has recipes and prayers etc. Ours is a Messianic Christian version and it is well worn.

    I hope your family tries to celebrate this important feast! It is a blessing to celebrate the feast that our Lord Jesus celebrated!

    Jill Farris

    1. Hi Jill! Do you know the name of the book you mentioned? I've read a few books and got some great info from Thanks for your comment!