Monday, March 25, 2013

Menu Monday, March 25 (Easter Week)

Easter Lilies
This is a super busy week for us.  

Preparations for hosting our first-ever Messianic Seder (following Justin Kron's wonderful guideline) on Thursday have been a little more time-consuming than I had hoped, but we are so very excited about adding this experience to our Easter Week.  

Also, after church on Easter we are hosting Brunch and possibly dinner, too.  So having a menu plan this week is going to be immensely helpful.

If that weren't enough, we still are doing school this week and I'm trying to get the bulk of my Spring Cleaning done.

I'm going to be soooo ready for Easter Vacation next week!

B: Oatmeal with peaches & cranberries
Cobb salads; sourdough garlic bread

To do: Make chicken broth, matzo balls, haroset, & horseradish 
B: Sprouted whole wheat pancakes
with maple syrup; eggs & fruit
D: Omelets; fried potatoes; fruit cup

To do: Stuff lamb; make dessert, hard-boiled eggs, & salad dressing 
B: Cinnamon bread french toast  bacon; fruit  
D: Hamburger patties; parsnip "chips"; green salad

Thursday  (Seder Dinner)
B: Scrambled eggs; toast; bananas with yogurt   
D:  1st Course:  Matzo ball soup & Strawberry-Spinach salad (sub 1/3 C maple syrup for white sugar)
      Main Course: Stuffed Leg of Lamb; Greek potatoes; oven-roasted asparagus
      Dessert:  Julia Child-inspired chocolate mousse 

Good Friday 
To do:  Take ham out of the freezer
B: Oatmeal with cranberries & walnuts 
D: Fresh fish; rice pilaf; green salad 

To do: Prep egg casserole; bake coffee cake 
B: Sprouted wheat waffles; fruit
D: Leftovers

Easter Sunday 
Brunch:  Egg casserole; streusel blueberry buckle; easy fruit salad
D: 1st Course:  Spinach salad
     Main Course: Ham; Gratin Dauphinois; green beans with toasted almonds
     Dessert: Vanilla ice cream
with Grand Marnier-macerated strawberries

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