Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Review: Best Homemade Deodorant

In May of last year I posted a recipe for the "Best Homemade Deodorant".  At the time of the post, I had been using it for a while and really liked it.
  • Didn't contain harmful ingredients.  
  • Worked well.  
  • Didn't stain my clothes.  
  • Didn't leave me smellin' like a farm animal.  
  • Cheap to make.   (One batch lasted me over a year!!!)  
All good, right?

Well, let me make a little confession.  I ran out of my homemade deodorant a couple months ago.  I got lazy and used some of the store-bought stuff I still had in the cabinet.  And you know what I found?

My homemade deodorant works so much better.

A couple of things I'd like to mention:
  • Don't use a lot when you put it on as the baking soda can be very drying if you use too much.
  • Use/recycle a solid deodorant container.  (A single batch makes enough for a little more than one container.)  Applying your homemade deodorant is so much easier and more convenient, too.
  • If your home is very warm inside, the coconut oil may become really soft or melt.  You can still apply it with your fingertips.
So give it a try!

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