Monday, January 27, 2014

Menu Monday, January 27

Time goes by so quickly!
Tomorrow is our son's 11th birthday.

He is a study in contrasts that is so absolutely fascinating.  He is our resident artist who has an eye for color and detail, while his room is... shall I say... eclectic*smile*  He's not a fan of the dog (I'm being kind), barely tolerates the cat, but adores his chickens and has been begging for an aquarium filled with fish.  He is a graceful, yet powerful dancer, as well as a successful Friday night "dining room sniper", slithering undetected in the candlelight until he grabs your ankle under the dining room table.  He is sweet and sensitive, all while being a head-strong, say-what-he-thinks, bull-in-a-china-shop kind of guy. 

He's an amazing kid that I know is going to grow up to be an amazing man.

What a blessing it is to walk through life with you, my son!

Breakfast Green smoothie*
Lunch: Large salad with some type of meat, cheese, or egg
SnackBanana slices topped with almond butter or chia seed pudding made with homemade coconut milk

Monday: Baked pork chops in white wine sauce; mushroom & spinach quinoa "risotto"mixed veggie salad with vinaigrette
Tuesday:  Take-out pizza; Caesar salad; birthday cake & homemade ice cream 
WednesdayBBQ steak; baked potatoes; broccoli salad
Thursday: Cajun chicken wings; red cabbage salad with lemon & black pepper; roasted broccoli & potato wedges
Friday: Leek puree; fresh fish; browned butter vegetables*; gratin dauphinois
Saturday: Sausage potato soup; sprouted flour buttermilk biscuits; mixed veggie salad with vinaigrette

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