Monday, February 20, 2012

Test Tube Meat? Just Say NO!

I read a few disturbing articles this morning about "test tube meat" being created.  It is supposed to be more "ethical" and "humane" way of serving meat to the people of this world.

First of all, let me say that I disagree TOTALLY with how animals that are meant for our consumption are being raised.  God did not intend for animals to eat diets unnatural to them (i.e. cows eating grain and not allowed to graze on grass, chickens not allowed to eat insects, grass, etc.), standing in excrement up to their knees or being housed with sick, dead and/or decaying animals, and having to be pumped full of antibiotics because they are in an environment the should not be in!  THAT is inhumane and unethical in my book.

But to engineer "meat" from stem cells for human consumption is beyond my idea of rational thinking.  It has already been proven that genetically modified vegetables are dangerous to our heath.  (Want to do more of your own research on this topic, read "Seeds of Deception" by Jeffery M. Smith.)

So, please tell me how this could possibly be different?  Would love your thoughts on this topic.

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Did you ever see the movie "Soylent Green" made in the early '70s starring Charlton Heston?  Hmmmmm..... 

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