Monday, June 11, 2012

Menu Monday, June 11

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I had confessed a couple weeks ago that I'd fallen off the menu planning wagon... gotten side-tracked... been human.  I think it's been more challenging not having a meal-time game plan than making the time to sit my fanny down to do it. 

Lately, we've been enjoying some type of dessert after dinner.  It has been a really satisfying way to end our meal.  I try to keep it to one "sugary" dessert a week and the servings are definitely modest in size.  So this week I'm sharing what's for dessert as well.

By the way, don't forget that Sunday is Father's Day!

B: Oatmeal with strawberries
L: Macaroni & cheese; raw veggies
D: Mexican rice bowls; garden salad w/ simple vinaigrette; zesty orange salad

B: Fried eggs; bacon; sourdough English muffins
L: Beans & rice; veggies & dip; fruit
D: Homemade pizza; garden salad; chilled poached pears

B: French toast with applesauce
L: Mozzarella and tomato melt on toasted sourdough
D: Ham & corn frittata; fried potatoes; mustard greens; garden salad; peaches & vanilla cream

B: Oatmeal with raisins
L: Egg salad with sprouts and cheddar on toasted sourdough English muffins
D: Grilled hamburger patties on soaked whole wheat buns; steamed carrots; Caesar salad; rice pudding

B: Scrambled eggs with sausage; toast
L: Leftovers
D: Grilled salmon; herb rice pilaf; green beans; simple but decadent blue cheese & cranberry green salad; plain yogurt with blueberry compote

B: Waffles with leftover blueberry compote; bacon
L: Cheese, fruit, and soaked almonds
D: Dinner out with friends

Sunday ~ Father's Day
B: Pancakes with raspberry-apple sauce & maple syrup
L: Grilled cheese on sourdough; veggies & dip
D: Grilled steak; baked potatoes; corn; broccoli salad; chocolate mousse

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