Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Info About the Real Food eBook Bundle

BundleoftheWeek.com, 5 eBooks for $7.40!

Sourdough lovers, real food lovers, and sticking-to-a-budget lovers, this great little resource is for you. :)

Want to serve real foods to your family, but how do you do it without breaking the budget or sacrificing taste? This Real Food eBook bundle includes the resources you need to eat delicious, whole foods on a budget. Packed full of recipes and tips, it's sure to be a go-to resource in your kitchen.

And for this week only, you can get all 5 ebooks listed below for just $7.40 (a savings of almost 90%)!

Get yours today right here:
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Here's what's included in the Real Food eBook Bundle:

Real Food on a Real Budget by Stephanie Langford
In this 280-page book, Stephanie provides a primer for families who want to learn how to save an average of 20 to 30% on their food budget ($100 to $200 per month for most families), while at the same time serving better quality and more nutritionally dense foods. Based on 6 years of hands-on experience and hundreds of hours of research, Real Food on a Real Budget is packed with practical tips and suggestions to help you become a better a steward of both your finances and your health.

Real Food...Real Easy by various authors
With more than 70 recipes from 7 authors, Real Food...Real Easy is not only a cookbook, but also a handbook providing in-depth information about real food sweeteners, an introduction to soaking and sprouting grains, recipes for every meal of the day, a list of additional resources and more!

Real {Fast} Food by Trina Holden
Real {Fast} Food is a treasure trove of time-saving techniques and simply wonderful recipes that are custom fit for you and your schedule. You'll learn everything from painless freezer stocking and bulk food prep to quick, healthy meals for day trips. Trina teaches you how to think about whole food prep in a whole new way, allowing you to make more real food in less time than you ever imagined, and even giving you the feeling of a "day off" once in a while -- all without sacrificing quality.

Sourdough A to Z from GNOWFGLINS 
Learn to put sourdough to work in your kitchen to produce naturally-leavened foods of all kinds, including healthy and nutritious cakes, muffins, pasta, crackers, pizza, cookies and more. Sourdough A to Z is your complete sourdough guide, including 25 lessons to walk you through sourdough baking step-by-step, ingredient and equipment notes, a suggested schedule, the science behind sourdough, a few gluten-free adaptations, dozens of recipes and more! (*cough* *cough* this book is normally $20...)

Treat Yourself by Kate Tietje
Treat Yourself: Real Food Desserts is exactly what it sounds like: a book filled with delicious, sweet, tempting desserts that fit the real food model. The recipes in this ebook are full-fat, full flavor, and low-sugar. There's no white flour, white sugar, or vegetable oil to be found. In fact, they're all based on sprouted flour, soaked flour, or almond flour, if flour is used at all (yes, there are several grain-free and even GAPS-friendly treats!). This ebook shows you how to make delicious desserts with real food, so you can have your cake and eat it too...without the guilt!

The Real Food bundle is available for just $7.40 through 8am Eastern on Monday, 3/4/13.

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