Friday, May 17, 2013

Book Review: Victim of Grace

"Victim of Grace", an autobiography by author Robin Jones Gunn, is a different avenue for her to share her faith.  

Throughout the book, Robin recounts her life's challenges and joys in a very honest way, relating each season in her life to a woman from the Bible.  Although her desire to become a missionary didn't come true in the way we normally think of missionaries, her stories have reached many countries and so very many women of different ages.  

I was absolutely touched by so many of the stories, but there is one in particular that really got to me.  It is the story of the polio-stricken Mary of Latvia who, as Robin tells it, God took her legs so she couldn't run on the earth, and instead became a "runner" of the heart-cries of God's children on the earth to Him in Heaven.   My throat is tight with emotion just  remembering the beauty of this woman's attitude. 

If you think you won't cry reading this book, you've got another thing comin'.  

Quite a change from her normal fiction, but so worthy of reading. 

Disclosure of Material Connection:  I was provided a free copy of this book by Zondervan Publishers in exchange for my honest opinion.

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