Sunday, May 19, 2013

Menu Monday, May 20

Wednesday morning's "toaster waffles" are just waffles I made last weekend, frozen on a cookie sheet, and then transferred to a freezer bag.  Put them in the toaster frozen for about half the time as you would a slice of toast and wa-la.  Waffles!  Who says you need to have the store-bought frozen thingies on hand for a good, quick breakfast.  As a matter of fact, you can make sprouted wheat waffles with pastured eggs and raw milk, and served with organic grade B maple syrup for about the same as these expensive little nutritionless hockey pucks.

Just sayin'.

B: Oatmeal with pears & toasted walnuts  
D: Swiss & mushroom omelets; green beans with bacon bits; roasted red potatoes
B: Eggs; toast; fruit 
D: Taco salads


B: Sprouted wheat "toaster waffles" with maple syrup; eggs; fruit
D: Creamy cauliflower alfedo on whole wheat spaghetti with chicken; Caesar salad

B: Scrambled eggs & veggies; bacon; toast; fruit

D: Hamburger patties with sauteed onions; creamed spinach; rice

B:  Oatmeal with apples & raisins

D: 1st Course:  Spinach salad with pears, walnuts, blue cheese & dried cranberries
     Main Course: Fresh fish; Gratin Dauphinois; best ever broccoli, mushrooms & onion medley
Yogurt cake with lemon, garnished with fresh strawberries & whipped cream
B: Eggs; toast; bacon; fruit
D: Simple summer succotash; green salad

B:  Sprouted wheat waffles; peaches; sausage   
D:  Starter: Green salad
      Main: Grilled steak; risotto; zucchini gratin

      Dessert: Leftover cake from Friday

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