Monday, May 27, 2013

Menu Monday, May 27

Happy Memorial Day!

If you are like us, we never go camping Memorial Day weekend.  Not to say that we haven't in the past and learned from the error of our ways.  You see, we are much older and wiser now.  And as a homeschool family, we normally go camping when all the other kiddos are still in school.  No, we aren't anti-social.  But that is a great time to meet other homeschool families doing the same thing!

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B: Oatmeal with raisins, chopped apples & toasted walnuts
D: Going to a BBQ and bringing Baked Beans

B: Scrambled eggs with spinach & sausage; sprouted wheat blueberry muffins; apple slices 
D: "Fancy" mac & cheese; carrots & celery

B: Cinnamon bread French toast with banana slices; eggs; sausage   
D: Muffeletta sandwiches; parsnip chips; green salad     

B: Eggs; bacon; toast; orange slices
D: Hamburger patties; roasted vegetables with balsamic vinegar; brown rice
with Parmesan

B:  Oatmeal with cranberries & peaches 
D:  Starter: Stuffed mushrooms
      Main: Grilled prawns; citrus basil quinoa salad; classic cucumber salad
      Dessert: Homemade strawberry ice cream

B: Eggs; hash browns; grapes
D: Pork chops; garlic mashed potatoes; best-ever broccoli
B:  Sprouted wheat waffles with strawberry compote; sausage   
D:  Starter: Leek puree
      Main: Grilled steak; baked potatoes with sour cream & fresh chives; green beans with toasted almonds
      Dessert: Leftover homemade ice cream

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