Saturday, April 6, 2013

Art & Home Schooling: See the Light (DISCOUNT THRU APRIL 16)

Our family has been home schooling for seven years.  It has been a great journey, and sometimes I am amazed (but grateful!) that we are still here.

This is the time of year that I like to make decisions about what we will be studying in the next year.  Of course there is always room for change, but I really like to purchase the books we'll be using the coming year now so I have time to do my basic lesson planning and to read through some of the books, too, long before the next school year begins.

There are so many tools available for home schooling parents that sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming.  The best advice I can give you there is to ask for advice from homeschoolers you admire, do your own research AND be flexible.

As far as advice from other homeschoolers goes, a word of caution:  They (okay...we) can be an opinionated bunch.  Be careful who you talk with.  For a few years, I avoided other homeschool moms because of feeling inadequate around them.  Some are self-proclaimed "experts"and if you aren't teaching your kids the way they are, you aren't doing it right.  That's hog wash.  Do your own research, be flexible, and be willing to try new things.  That is where you are going to feel more confident.  And just remember, too, that your precious little gem(s) is/are unique.

The one subject, though, that has left me feeling inadequate is art.  I love art...that is, looking at other people's art.  I am not an artsy kind of gal.  Craftsy?  Maybe.  Artsy?  Uh-no.

After doing some *ahem* research, I found See the Light Shine and watched the first three lessons online.  The teacher, Pat Knepley, has a wonderful, easy, way about her.  I found her to be a wonderful communicator and enjoyed how she ties God into her presentations.  I decided to purchase the Art Class to start.  For only $2.50 per class, I think this is a no brainer.

Right now they have a great special, too!

ART CLASS, the 9DVD/36 lesson set at 10% off ($89.99) + FREE SHIPPING


ART PROJECTS, the 9 DVD/36 lesson set at 10% off ($89.99) + FREE SHIPPING 
+ a bonus gift with purchase of "Cartooning"

Discount Code:  TOS

Expiration date:  Tuesday, April 16th
If you do decide to purchase, would you be so kind and use the link from my site?  
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