Monday, April 15, 2013

Menu Monday, April 15

It's tax day today.   I really don't mind paying taxes.  I just wish I had more input in how they spent it.

Also, don't forget!  Wednesday is the deadline to enter our GIVEAWAY for the wonderful art class DVD from See the Light! 

B: Oatmeal with cranberries & peaches  
D: Ham & cheese omelets; fried potatoes; green salad

To Do:  Prep sourdough bread for tomorrow
B: Scrambled eggs; sprouted wheat blueberry muffins; apple slices
D: "Fancy" mac & cheese; carrots
B: Cinnamon bread French toast with banana slices; eggs; sausage  
D: Croque Monsieur sandwiches on whole wheat sourdough bread; parsnip chips; green salad
To Do:  Make chicken broth for Saturday
B: Eggs; bacon; toast; orange slices
D: Hamburger patties; roasted vegetables with balsamic vinegar; brown rice

B:  Baked oatmeal with cranberries & apples
D:  Starter: Bacon-wrapped prawns & Caesar salad
      Main: Fresh fish; red potatoes; roasted asparagus

      Dessert: Homemade ice cream

B: Eggs; hash browns; fresh pears
D: White chicken chili; cornbread; green salad
B:  Sprouted wheat waffles with strawberry compote; sausage 
D:  Starter: Stuffed mushrooms
      Main: Grilled steak & vegetable kabobs;
brown rice with Parmesan
      Dessert: Leftover
homemade ice cream

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