Monday, April 8, 2013

Menu Monday, April 8

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We are back to school this week.  Our next break from school is summer vacation.  I have to say, this time of the year we are all counting down the days.

You, too?

B: Oatmeal with apples & raisins
D: Leftover steak & potato hash; green salad; oranges

B: Eggs; toast; fruit
D: No-soak crockpot beans (will share recipe this week) & brown rice; carrot & celery sticks; baked apples (this one, too)

B: Cinnamon bread French toast; eggs; sausage; fruit
D: Spaghetti; Caesar salad; whole wheat sourdough garlic bread

B: Scrambled eggs with sausage
D: Hamburger patties; roasted vegetables with balsamic vinegar

B:  Oatmeal with blueberries
D:  Starter: Spinach salad
      Main: Fresh fish; mushroom risotto; best-ever broccoli
      Dessert: Chocolate & raspberry torte

B: Sprouted wheat pancakes with maple syrup; fruit
D: Kitchen sink omelets; parsnip chips; green salad

B:  Sprouted wheat waffles; sausage
D:  Starter: Green salad
      Main: Grilled steaks; Gratin Dauphinois; green beans with toasted almonds
      Dessert: Leftover torte

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