Saturday, January 7, 2012

No Chips

It's interesting to me.  We have not had any store-bought potato chips in our house for over three months.  Not a potato chip, not a tortilla chip, not a pretzel or a cheeto.  And no one has asked.  Not one soul.

Last week as we were getting ready to go to Costco, Tom brought up that we haven't had any chips.  When he asked the kids if they'd like some, they both hemmed and hawed.  Hmmm...not the jumping up and down, screaming excitedly like I thought they would. While at Costco, we walked right by that aisle.  Not one sound, not one whimper was to be heard.

I find this all very interesting.  Six months ago there would have been absolute anarchy in our house if there was nary a bag of chips to be found.  And this revolt would have been led by the King of the Castle, and heralded by the little Princess and Prince.

So, how did we do it?  How did we get to this place...this chip-less Eutopia?  Well, actually I didn't do it on purpose.  I mean, yah, I'm not sad to see them go, but I didn't make this a mission.  I guess how it started was I started serving fresh veggies with Ranch dressing at lunch time.  Sometimes the dill pickles make an appearance on the table, too.  I guess between the crunchy of the veggies (my kids love raw carrot sticks and broccoli, and will choke down a piece of celery or other vegetable if they must) and the salty of the dressing and pickles, that took care of the desire for chips.

Not that we'll never have chips again...  Just found this interesting.

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