Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year's Eve 80's Party & Dance Charades

You know you're from the 80's when...
This New Year’s Eve, we are looking forward to hosting an 80’s party at our house.  (Imagine big hair, big makeup, mullets…)  Most years we have friends over, but this year will be a larger gathering with families with tween-agers and older. 

In looking for some type of game we could all play together that would be fun, I ran across a game called Dance Charades.  It sounded like a really fun time.  The concept of the game is to put ordinary daily activities to music, like vacuuming, making it a dance “move”,  and have the other team guess what you’re doing.  But because we are doing an 80’s party, I wanted to use 80’s music (thanks Jerri!) and, well, I didn’t want to spend for the game.  Call me cheap. 

So early on a Saturday morning, Reilly and I started coming up with “dance moves” that we can put to our own music.  It was really quite easy and I’m sure you could come up with some really great ideas of your own.  In all honesty, we did pirate a few from the game description, but below is the list we came up with…just in case you want to play the game, too, but are…you know…cheap.  

If you come up with some other ones, feel free to share! 

1.       Wiping the counter
2.       Doing dishes
3.       Ice skating
4.       Lassoing
5.       Using a leaf blower
6.       The ape
7.       Milking a cow
8.       Going through airport security
9.       Making pizza
10.   Drying off when wet
11.   Washing windows
12.   Cutting hair
13.   The bee
14.   A sprinkler
15.   Playing air hockey
16.   Surfing
17.   Using a jackhammer
18.   Grocery shopping
19.   Swimming
20.   Washing hair
21.   Twirling a baton
22.    Tornado
23.   Stir the pot
24.   Read a book
25.   Shoot a gun
26.   Bow & arrow
27.   Walk the dog
28.   Take photographs
29.   Play soccer
30.   Play catch
31.   Counting money
32.   Paint the wall
33.   Raking leaves
34.   Play basketball
35.   Play volleyball
36.   Go fishing

37.   Plant garden
38.   A meter maid
39.   Wash car
40.   Clean cat litter box
41.   Play guitar
42.   Brush hair
43.   Brush teeth
44.   Rock, paper, scissors
45.   Miss America
46.   Mr. Universe
47.   Lift weights
48.   Play drums
49.   Play piano
50.   Play trumpet
51.   Bird
52.   Chicken
53.   Fold laundry
54.   Manicure
55.   Bowling
56.   Rolling dice
57.   Cat
58.   Using telephone
59.   Mowing the lawn
60.   Vacuuming
61.   Making the bed
62.   Getting dressed
63.   Eating
64.   Egyptian
65.   Play tennis
66.   Chainsaw
67.   Crying
68.   Driving a car
69.   Hitchhiking
70.   Hailing a cab
71.   Climbing a ladder
72.   Washing the car

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