Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Please Don't Call Me Names Because I Disagree With You

I'm at a loss.

When did we become a culture that says we value the freedom of speech, but hurls the most awful names at each other when we disagree?

I mean, really?  We live in the most educated and affluent country in the world.  Yet when people disagree on something (especially something that could be considered a moral issue) venomous words, filthy insults and personal attacks are launched.

Think about this for a sec.  If we both think exactly the same way on everything, then one of us is unnecessary. 

Each one of us adds value to the discussion.  Each one of us has an opinion that we think is right.  And that's okay!  That's what makes a great debate.  That's where earth-shaking, ground-breaking ideas come from.

But to silence people and demean them with profanity and threats...  Wow.   Haven't we learned that bullies of any age aren't cool?  And how does that show that we value freedom of speech?  Or is it really only our own opinions we value?

So, please.  Let's make a pact today.  Let's be the adults that we are.  And when we don't agree?  Let's have the discussion, heated though it may be, and be okay with our differences.  Afterall, isn't that really what honoring diversity means?

And if we may be thinking something really nasty about the other person?  It's okay not to "voice" everything we may be thinking.  Really.

Thanks for listening.

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