Monday, February 25, 2013

Menu Monday, February 25

Active Sourdough Starter
Last week, I received two wonderful e-books from Wardeh of Gnowfglins.  One is a fabulous book about sourdough called, "Sourdough A to Z".  It is a great resource for those who don't know the first thing about sourdough, for those who know just enough to be dangerous (like me) or even the accomplished sourdough baker.  And if you are a visual learner, she's got a bunch of video classes you can take, too.    

By the way, if you do purchase anything from Gnowfglins, I would be ever so appreciative if you used one of the links or sidebar advertisements here on Victory to get thereWardeh is kind enough to give me a little kick-back to help support our blog when you purchase anything from thanks in advance!

To do: Sour batter for muffins; soak beans; make shredded Mexican beef 
B: Oatmeal with blueberries, almonds & yogurt 
D: Crustless salmon quiche; Caesar salad; baked pears with chocolate 

B: Scrambled eggs, bacon; sourdough muffins
(from Gnowfglins); home-canned peaches
D: Layered fiesta bake; green salad with ranch; orange slices 

B: Cinnamon bread french toast with maple syrup; sausage; orange slices 
D: 1st Course: Stuffed mushrooms 
     Main Course: Chicken fried steak; mashed potatoes & gravy; green beans with toasted almonds

     Dessert: Baked apples 

B: Scrambled eggs; sprouted flour blueberry muffins; bananas with yogurt 
D: Hamburger patties with sauteed mushrooms; easy mac & cheese; pea salad; home-canned peaches 

To do: Bake cake for dessert 
B: Sourdough pancakes (from Gnowfglins) with maple syrup; bacon; orange slices 
D: 1st Course: Spinach salad
     Main Course: Fresh fish & homemade french fries; cucumber salad 
     Dessert: Chocolate sourdough cake  

B: Scrambled eggs with sausage; hash browns; fruit
D: White chicken chili; cornbread; green salad 

B: Sourdough waffles with blueberry compote & maple syrup; eggs 
D: 1st Course: Green salad with blue cheese, pears, toasted walnuts & red onion
     Main Course:  Herb & garlic roasted chicken; grated potato "pancake"; fried carrots 
     Dessert: Leftover Chocolate sourdough cake

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