Monday, February 11, 2013

Menu Monday, February 11

What is that thing in the sky?
Yesterday was beautiful up here in the Pacific Northwest.  It was good to see the sun.  During the winter, we never know if it's still up there.  I feel better now, knowing that it is.

Valentine's Day is this week.  We are going to celebrate on Friday with a nice dinner, and am trying to decide what to do for the little gems on the 14th.  Last year I did this and they absolutely loved it.

Got any good ideas you'd like to share?  If you do, maybe you should be the blogger.

B: Oatmeal with bananas & yogurt

D: Chicken & spinach sprouted flour crepes; gratin dauphinois (from Julia Child's Mastering...); green salad; fresh pears with cinnamon

B: Scrambled eggs with sausage; toast; home-canned peaches

D: Baked macaroni & cheese with sausage; Caesar salad; mock frozen yogurt


B: Soaked whole wheat pancakes with maple syrup; bacon; orange slices
D: Irish nachos; green salad; Brazilian bananas

B: Egg, shredded zucchini, & potato hash; fruit with yogurt
D: Hamburger patties; brown rice; green beans with toasted almonds; home-canned peaches

Friday (We are celebrating Valentines Day today...)
B: Baked soaked oatmeal with apples & cranberries served with plain yogurt 
D: 1st Course: Spinach salad with raspberry vinaigrette 
     Main Course: Shrimp scampi; homemade sourdough bread; best ever broccoli
     Dessert: Deep Dark Chocolate Tart

B: Scrambled eggs; sweet potato hash browns; fruit
D: Tortilla soup; cornbread; green salad
B: Sausage, Swiss, mushroom & spinach omelets; fried potatoes; fruit salad 
D: 1st Course: Caesar salad     
     Main Course:  Grilled steak with garlic brown butter; baked potatoes; fried carrots with shallots & garlic
     Dessert: Leftover Deep Dark Chocolate Tart

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