Monday, February 18, 2013

Menu Monday, February 18

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We are well into February and one of my "goals" this year has been to be more careful what I commit myself to.  I want to do so much!  But, I also have to remember that everytime I say "yes" to something, I'm saying "no" to something else.

So this week I am re-evaluating my commitments.  It's not going to be fun because I don't want to let anyone down

It's hard being a grown-up, isn't it?

B: Oatmeal with peaches & yogurt
D: Sourdough Margherita pizza with chicken; Caesar salad; mock frozen yogurt 

B: Scrambled eggs, bacon; toast; home-canned peaches
D: Beef burritos; brown rice; green salad with ranch

B: Cinnamon bread french toast with maple syrup; sausage; orange slices
D: 1st Course: Spinach salad with raspberry vinaigrette 
     Main Course:
Oven-fried pork chops; apples & cabbage (LL); gratin dauphinois
     Dessert: fresh fruit

B: Scrambled eggs; sprouted flour blueberry muffins; bananas with yogurt 
D: Hamburger patties; butter-fried parsnips (LL); broccoli salad; home-canned peaches

D: 1st Course: Spinach salad with raspberry vinaigrette 
     Main Course: Fresh fish; mushroom risotto; best ever broccoli
     Dessert: Yogurt cake with strawberries & whipped cream

B: Scrambled eggs; sweet potato hash browns; fruit
D: Chili; cornbread; green salad
B: Sprouted flour waffles with strawberries & maple syrup; bacon
D: 1st Course: Green salad with blue cheese, pears, toasted walnuts & red onion 
     Main Course:  Simple braised pot roast (minus the veggies); baked potatoes; smokehouse cauliflower medley (LL)
     Dessert: Leftover Yogurt cake with blueberry/rhubarb compote & whipped cream

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