Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Creamiest Homemade Yogurt

Several months ago I shared with you how to make homemade yogurt.  I love making my own yogurt.  It is simple and inexpensive.  A great thing to do, right?

Except I had one problem.

My yogurt didn't have the smooth texture that I really enjoyed.  It was kind of, well... grainy... actually.  And if I used my stick blender (I love that thing) to try to smooth it out, I ended up with yogurt soup.  Not at all what I wanted.

This grainy yogurt was great in recipes like Mock Frozen Yogurt, but it truly left something to be desired when I would place a dollop on top of fresh fruit, or sprinkled it with chopped nuts and cinnamon, or with homemade granola...

What had I done wrong?

Well, I wondered if I wasn't possibly getting the yogurt culture combined well enough into the cooled, scalded milk? I had been careful to whisk in the culture completely, hadn't I?

So, I got out my handy-dandy stick blender, aka immersion blender.  Did I tell you I love that thing?  And instead of using my wire whisk to incorporate my culture, I used that baby.

Oh yah.  I know why my hubby has a thing for power tools.

I ended up with the smoothest, creamiest, most wonderful yogurt ever.

I'm happy.

Just wanted you to know.

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