Saturday, January 7, 2012

Broken Crayon Fall Decorations

If you have little artists in your house like I do, you probably have a gazillion broken crayons gathering dust somewhere in your tiny Beloved's bedroom.  Last spring, we gathered up a bunch of those pesky little things and made broken crayon fire starters which were a real hit with Daddy.

Well, here is another idea that can put those broken crayons to good use!  (I must tell you this is not my idea.  I saw it posted recently but can't recall where!  So if you are the incredibly crafty person who created this idea...let me know so I can give you due credit!)

Materials you'll need:
  • Broken crayons  (yellows, reds, oranges, browns, greens and purples are great)
  • Old pencil sharpener or a knife to make crayon shavings
  • Waxed paper
  • Newspaper and/or old towel
  • Scissors
  • Leaf template like this one
  • Iron
  1. Heat iron to a medium setting.
  2. Make crayon shavings with an old pencil sharpener or a knife.
  3. Tear off a piece of waxed paper and fold in half.
  4. Place some crayon shavings between the waxed paper.
  5. Cover with an old towel or newspaper and iron to melt the crayons.  (Make sure you have something underneath to protect your table our counter.)
  6. After the crayon has melted and spread out, trace leaf design and cut out.
  7. You can tape them onto your windows or string a bunch of them together to create a garland.

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