Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dr. Burzynski's Battle to Battle Cancer

The subject of cancer is one that has touched so many of our lives either directly or indirectly.  It is one that causes my eyes to tear with bittersweet memories of my strong, dear friend I lost to this awful disease just over two years ago.  Do you, too, have a story you carry around in your heart about someone you know battling this adversary or lost their battle?  Maybe even your own?

Regardless, I believe that information is power.  That's why I am posting this link for the documentary  "Burzynski" here.  I hope it is still working for you whenever you might be reading this.  If not, I would encourage you to watch it via another source.

Not only does this movie cover Dr. Burzynski's success with working with cancer patients, but also the eye-opening story of his on-going "encounters" with government agencies including the FDA.
I'm not sure if Dr. Burzynski's research contains the answer, but I think it's worth the mention...and possibly even our prayers for his protection and continued courage.


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