Saturday, January 7, 2012

FDA Raid on Organic Food Buyers' Club

Originally posted 8-6-11.

The information below is from Nicholas J. Gonzalez, MD.  It is alarming that growing/selling of natural food is becoming a "crime"!  If we do nothing, this will continue.  As Dr. Gonzalez suggests, please contact your Senators and Representatives and take a stand.

To all:

In recent months, largely uncovered by mainstream media outlets, the FDA has begun a series of aggressive unannounced raids, complete with police and even in some cases SWAT teams, on legitimate supplement manufacturers and most recently in California, a private buyers club for organic food and raw milk. In this latest case, armed officers maliciously destroyed thousands of dollars of organic food, apparently absconded with thousands of dollars in cash belonging to the buyer's club, and arrested the coordinators, who have been charged with criminal offenses.

As the federal government has grown over the past two years, so has the FDA, now with increased funding and broad new powers given by the recent so-called "Food Safety and Modernization Act."  It appears with increased funding and authority, the FDA has declared a clandestine war on supplements, supplement manufacturers, and particularly, buyer's clubs for organic food and raw milk.

The mainstream media has ignored these raids on honest and health-seeking citizens.  In fact, the only outlet I know of that has adequately covered the issue is Natural News, run by Mike Adams, a dedicated proponent of freedom of choice in health care.  For those of you interested in these recent extraordinary FDA activities, I suggest you follow this website regularly at

We also again suggest you contact your Senators and Representatives expressing your strong opposition to strong-arm FDA tactics against wholesome food and health promoting supplements. The Alliance for Natural Health can help you do this; see their coverage of this issue at:
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