Saturday, January 7, 2012

Menu Monday, 10/17/11

Have you had a chance to check on that great Menu Planner I shared with you a couple weeks ago?  It's been such a wonderful help to me and I hope you find it useful, too.

I thought I'd share with you what is on our menu for the week.  Because we are home during the day, I plan a lunch menu, too.  Use what you want...if anything.
Breakfast – Fried eggs, zucchini bread, applesauce
Lunch – Cheese quesadillas, apples, broccoli & ranch dip
Dinner – Salmon puff Crustless Salmon Quiche, brown rice with Parmesan, salad
Breakfast – Oatmeal with peaches & cranberries
Lunch – Tuna sandwiches, apples, carrot sticks
Dinner –Cheesy beef & rice, steamed carrots, salad
Breakfast – French toast w/ blueberries and maple syrup
Lunch – Grilled cheese sandwiches, veggies & dip
Dinner – Fried chicken breasts, homemade rice-a-roni, green beans
Breakfast – Oatmeal w/ raisins
Lunch – Meat & cheese burritos, apples, broccoli & dip
Dinner – Sausage and vegetable frittata, fried potatoes, fruit salad
Breakfast – Breakfast cake, bananas
Lunch – Leftover frittata and fruit salad
Dinner – Hamburgers, homemade french fries, salad
Breakfast – Waffles with strawberries and maple syrup, bacon
Lunch – Leftovers
Dinner – Potato soup, cheesy onion scones, salad
Breakfast – Blueberry pancakes, sausage
Lunch – Homemade summer sausage, cheese slices, fruit & veggies
Dinner – Spaghetti, garlic bread, salad, and Upside Down Rhubarb Spice Cake

Looks like I have a lot of recipes to share with you!

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