Sunday, January 8, 2012

How We Handle the Sticky Situation of Halloween Candy

I mentioned earlier that our family does not celebrate Halloween, but we do allow our kids to participate in our church's fall festival.  At this party, the kids do have an opportunity to dress up, play games and get some goodies.  The amount of candy the kids came home with last night is absolutely crazy!

Tom was listening to the radio the other day.  The featured speaker was a dentist.  He recommended allowing children to have a day where they eat their fill of the cavity-promoting treats because the ill effects of the sugar was far less on teeth than if they ate a piece or two every day.  For me, this sounded more appealing because I didn't want them pestering me every day for candy, plus I didn't want them to become "addicted" to having candy daily.

So, that was our plan.  After school today, we were going to allow the kids to eat as much of their candy as they wanted...just for one day.  I still wasn't happy with this plan, but I reminded myself that it was only for ONE DAY.
Well, I am married to such a wise man!  He made the kids an offer:  They could eat as much of their candy today as originally planned OR they could keep four pieces of candy of their choice to eat today and they could sell the remaining candy to him for $5.  This was totally their choice.  No matter what they decided was fine with us.

Well, capitalism is thriving in our household.  With their $5, we are going to head off to Value Village (one of their favorite places to treasure hunt).

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