Sunday, January 8, 2012

"The God Pocket"

The God Pocket is the fourth book authored by Bruce Wilkinson that I have read.

Each of his books I have read prior (The Prayer of Jabez, A Life that God Rewards and The Dream Giver) had great concepts, like asking God to bless you or doing good works.  Yet with each book, I am left feeling like these things, which would normally be good and God-pleasing things, are really only a means to an end.  This feeling of conflict continues in Mr. Wilkinson's latest book.

The principle shared in The God Pocket is very simple and good: set aside money to be given to an individual that God "nudges" you toward, someone you believe God is showing you to give the money to.  Again, although this is a great concept, one that is good and honorable, once again I get the feeling that this is a work to "feather your cap" with God.  In addition, to "assist" you, you can purchase your own little "God Pocket" pouches from the author.  I understand that a person can look at that in two different ways, either that it is a tool you can purchase to make it easier for you to give money to others in need, or a tool that the author uses as another means of income.  (I must say, I did go on to Mr. Wilkinson's website to investigate the cost of purchasing the little pouches and did not find any information on them.  I am hoping they chose not to profit from this idea any further.)

With that said, doing good works should be out love for our Heavenly Father and not for any other purpose.  I applaud Mr. Wilkinson for sharing a worthwhile idea but I urge caution in making sure we do it with our hearts in the right place.
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