Thursday, January 5, 2012

Are You Getting a Tax Refund? Part 2

If you are getting a tax refund, its okay to spend it, too!
Depending on the amount of money you are getting back can result in how you treat it.  Of course if you are receiving a large sum (and "large is definitely subjective) you have a much broader scope of what you can do with that money.  If you are only getting a small amount  (and "small" is definitely subjective, too) then you may decide to just incorporate it into the "general fund".  From there it ends up getting spent without really anything to show for it.  You can do something profound even with a small amount.

Some ideas and/or ways others have spent their tax return:
  • Vacation - There are some really great deals out there on air fares these days.  Be sure before you book that you include all you trip expenses (hotel, rental car, meals, entertainment).  Even though the air fare might be a great deal those other expenses may end up putting you in debt!  Also if you like to cruise, there are some exceptional deals on last-minute cruises if you have flexibility in your schedule. 
  • Vehicle maintenance - Whether it's routine maintenance or major repairs, now is a good time to get that work done.  Don't forget to take a look at your tires...
  • Health - If you've been putting off a visit to the doctor or the dentist, get it done.  Waiting may not only be more costly, but it could prove to be more damaging, too.
  • Indoor or outdoor furniture
  • Laptop or other computer equipment
  • Home improvement/maintenance - Is a fresh coat of paint in your house's future?  How about new, energy-efficient windows, doors, appliances, etc.?  Maybe it's time for that garage door opener you've always wanted...
  • Lawn/garden equipment
  • Yard maintenance/improvement - New flower beds, raised garden area, porch swing, trellises...
  • Tuition for you or your kiddos- Take a class at the local college or voc-tech or spend it on tuition for your kid's eduction.  This could also include something non-academic, like a membership to your local YMCA, health club, etc.
  • Start a hobby
  • Give all or part to your favorite charity or to your church
So the point is, it's okay to spend your tax refund!  I just encourage you to spend it on something of value for you...or someone else!

Live in Victory!  Lynette

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