Thursday, January 5, 2012

Days of Rememberance

Originally posted 5-1-11.

I look out my window and see the beauty of a May sunrise.  It's early and the house is quiet.  Only Liz, our dog, and I are up with the birds.  And I am thinking about something our pastor shared with us at church last night...

Pastor talked about events that happened on April 19, 1943, one of which was the uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto.  For 28 days, the Jews that remained in the ghetto fought against the Nazis to not be sent to a concentration camp.  They fought to save their lives from certain death.  They fought because if they chose to go docilely, as others had in the past, there was no hope of survival.

As I'm sure you are aware, during World War II approximately 6 million Jews were exterminated...just because someone hated them for no other reason than for their faith and heritage.  The Holocaust happened because people, organizations and governments made choices that not only legalized discrimination, but allowed prejudice, hatred, and ultimately mass murder to occur.

This week is the National Days of Remembrance.  For more information you can visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website.

History is taught so we learn from our mistakes, hopefully not to make them again.  History does have a way of repeating itself if we do not choose to learn from those mistakes.  We must be vigilant.  We must never forget...lest history repeat itself yet once again.

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