Thursday, January 5, 2012

Innaugural Post ~2/20/11

Hello my friends and happy Presidents Day!

I've been learning so many new things in the past few months that I've felt compelled to share them with you! I'd love to have you to come along with me and maybe you'll learn something to benefit your family, too.  If nothing else, it promises to be interesting or at the very least you can have a good laugh at my expense!
Topics that I have been passionate about and/or have been researching:
  • Bread making
  • Menu planning & freezer cooking
  • Whole grains & whole foods
  • Kefir
  • Home schooling
  • Food preservation
  • Gardening
  • Urban chickens (I've almost got my husband, Tom, talked into this!)
  • Money management
  • Emergency preparedness & food storage
  • Easy crafts & homemade gifts (...I'm kinda craft-impaired so I promise not to pass on anything difficult)
  • ...and more!
What prompted a lot of this research was first of all, we've watched a couple documentaries about where our food comes from and what's been done to it before it gets to my kitchen table.  To say that I don't like it is an understatement.  Right now our family is working on eating more whole foods, more of what we can grow ourselves and what we can get from trusted sources.

Secondly, we live in funky world with funky stuff going on.  Do you know what I mean?  But seriously, I've never been one to sit around and discuss the merits of emergency preparedness, but I think it's important to be prepared with some extra food in the pantry, water, etc.  This is not the main focus of this blog.  It has been something on my mind, though, and maybe yours, too, so I plan to share some of the tips I've learned.

In addition, I am including a section for prayer requests with a special focus on our wonderful men and women in uniform. This picture is of our family's two Marines who have both courageously served our Country in the Middle East. Brian (on left) was wounded in Kuwait and received a medical discharge. Jeff (on right) has returned from his 2nd tour to the Middle East and is still active duty. (My...aren't they handsome?!)  If you have anyone you'd like to have included on our prayer list, please let me know.

If there are topics that you'd like to learn more about or if you have an area of expertise you would like to share, I'd be honored!

At this time I'm not sure how often I'll be updating my blog, but hope to share items at least twice a week. So, sign up on the right to receive new entries as they post and feel free to pass this on to others you think might be intersted, too.
Live in Victory,

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