Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's a Girl Thing...Cloth Feminine Hygiene Products

Aunt Flow, the Crimson Wave, the matter what you call it, it's the same thing.  If you are thinking, "Oh my word...I can't believe she's writing about that," then you are in good company.  I can't believe it either.  Even though I grew up with my mother and two sisters, sitting around and talking about periods was not something we usually did.  So why am I now?  Well, actually I'm not...but I would like to talk about the products we use. 

I read somewhere that future archaeologists will learn a lot about our society from "digging" in our landfills.  Something that they will find literally tons of are discarded disposable diapers...and feminine products.  The amount of waste we create just from those two items is staggering not to mention the chemicals used to bleach the paper and other products used to manufacture them.  (If you want more info on the diaper situation, read this. )  And as for feminine products did you know: Feminine hygiene products create a huge amount of waste - nearly 2.5 million tampons, 1.4 million pads, and 700,000 pantyliners each year!  YUCK! 

By now you know that I hate throwing stuff away... so here's an alternative that I wasn't too crazy about to begin with, but now I am a believer.  Cloth feminine napkins.  At first the thought of having one more thing to wash...and that of all things...nearly stopped me dead in my tracks.  But after reading so many reviews from so many women who had so many positive things to say, I couldn't not at least give it a try.  So...I went online and purchased a couple of items to try.

The first was the best deal from a company called Party in My Pants (PIMP). start I really liked the name and thought this company has a sense of humor.  As a matter of fact, their tag line is "For the Princess on Her Period".  They have a GREAT deal where you can try one dirt cheap.  If you'd like to read more about that, click here.   They are comfy and the colors are lively.  They really make you feel kinda pretty while you know.

The other company I tried was Sckoon.  They are noted for using all organic materials which I thought deserved a try.  They, too, have a special offer to try them out (click here) but not as good a deal as PIMP.  This product comes with a removable pad made from unbleached Egyptian cotton that fits inside a liner.  Unfortunately, even though they claim that the liners don't stain, that was not my experience.  After the first use, I didn't get that "pretty feeling" that I got with PIMP.  Sckoon makes a high quality product and I would still recommend it for those who have sensitive skin.
I have to tell you, both were extremely comfortable and made a believer out of me post haste.  If you have any questions, you gotta read this.

There are other companies, too, but these two I do have experience with.

If you are a tampon girl, there is a reusable option.  Although I have not tried this product, I have read many positive reviews and feel it is worth mentioning.  The Diva Cup and Moon Cup are just two options.

I hope this information has made you think outside the tampon box a little.  There are so many options, and maybe the perfect product(s) for you are something different than what you've been using for so many moons...

More to follow...

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