Friday, January 6, 2012

Mother's Day

Originally posted 5-6-11.

It's been one of those days.  As I was vacuuming the carpet for the ump-teenth time today because the dog has shed enough hair to knit a sweater out of, I started to feel a little sorry for myself.  You see, my thoughts turned to Sunday.  I remembered that it is Mothers' Day, which is supposed to be my very own "I-am-the-Mom-treat-me-really-special" day, and I invited my parents over for dinner...and I get to cook...for everybody.  I mean, really, what's up with that? 

So as I began to internally combust, I had a moment of the Great Aha...

I am so grateful that my mother is still on this earth.  I am so blessed that she still enjoys spending time with me and my family.  I am so thankful that she cares enough about me that I can still talk to her...for any reason.  And I appreciate that she wants to come to my home to have dinner with us on her special day...

I pray that this Mothers Day you, too, are able to be in the company of your mother...whether in person, in thoughts or in memory.  And no matter what kind of mother she may have been or kid you might have been, that only the good memories are recalled.

If you are a mother, Happy Mothers' Day to you.  May you be blessed to have your children near you.  I try to remember that so much more is caught than what is taught.  I know that we will make mistakes along the way, but thankfully perfection is not a requirement of raising children.
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Dear Father, thank You so much for my Mom.  You chose her specifically for me.  I am so blessed to have her in my life.  Thank You that it was a priority to her and my Dad that I grow up knowing You.  As a mother now, too, may I squelch my own selfish tendancies.  Help me to remember that a clean house and folded laundry are not what makes a good mother, but time to listen and patience during chaos.  Thank You, God, for entrusting two little people to me and for gently reminding me of what is important. ~ Amen.

Thankfully the dog only sheds like this twice a year.  Otherwise I might be in the market for a spinning wheel...

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